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Calli Aztatl - Chapala


Chapala, known for its great natural beauty and the best climate, is one of the main tourist attractions of the state, plus we have the biggest lake in Mexico.

Discover our renovated Malecon! On a bike ride go into town and you will find the architecture of our historical downtown which bloomed during the Porfiriato period. A clear example is the building of the old train station Gonzales Gallo.

In this same period, the first foreign immigrants started to settle in the area attracted by the magnificent weather that even now, makes visitors fall in love inviting them to stay longer than planned.

We remind you to taste the typical candy , the famous charales and the handmade garrafa ice-cream.

Calli Aztatl - Chapala
Calli Aztatl - Ajijic


Little town full of tradition and magic only 15 min. car ride from the hotel, it offers you many cafes, restaurants, boutiques and galleries.

Ajijic is known for its charming and colourful streets plus its friendly people. Today it counts with one of the largest foreign communities in the country, being an important spot of world interest.

You can walk and get lost in the narrow cobblestone streets and find the restaurant that enchants your senses, because Ajijic has a great variety of flavours and gourmet cuisine.

We recommend you to dine in one of the many gourmet restaurants and visit some gallery, which show local and international talent.

Calli Aztatl - Islas


The lake of Chapala has 2 islands, scorpion island in front of the Chapala malecon and Mezcala island , a historical point of the mexican independence.

The old prison of the mezcala island was part of one of the greatest battles between conquistadors and mexican indigenous.

In the malecon of Mezcala or directly in Chapala there are frequent boat rides to visit the islands.

Visit them! they tell stories that you would not imagine. You will love it!!!

Calli Aztatl - Islas
Calli Aztatl - Lago


The biggest natural lake of Mexico, frames our views and has many little towns all around it that offer many adventures and gastronomy.

You can practice ski, or row easily in a kayak on the waters of our grand lake.

Enjoy a beautiful sunset in any of the many "malecones" or take a hike to the mountains that surround the lake to see its greatness, and then you will know why they call it "Mar Chapalico", the Chapalic Sea.


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